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What some students are saying...

"There was always little pieces of things to learn even though I thought I knew most things there, it was very informational!  Absolutely valuable!"

-Stacy J.

"I really liked the small class and getting to try things I've never done, like making pasta!  It makes me more confident in trying other new things in the kitchen."

-Leslie W.

"I liked the small class and the personal service.  The instruction was great and the food turned out amazing!"

-Devin W.

"This was an amazing class! Griling is often intimidating, but Stacy makes it fun and easy.  I can't wait to impress my family with my new found culinary skills!  I love that Stacy is so patient with questions!"

-Annette C.

"I found this class valuable!  I knew a lot already, but found new ways to do things.  Knife skills, knife skills...yeah!  

-Yolanda B.

Anyone Can Cook

No matter what your skill level is there is surely a class that you will take your ability to the next level.  Chef Stacy has a way to educate and entertain.  Great for date nights, groups, birthdays and more...

​   What's Next?

Bringing out your culinary genius!

Pressure Cooker Workshop
October 7th 1-4PM
This workshop is a 3 hour hands on class that will "free" us busy cooks up from the monotony of the recipes we always use.  Let me revitalize your routine!  Come for some fresh ideas that will get you excited about cooking again!

Watch the Online Pressure Cooker Class now! for only $20

"I loved it! I was nervous, but Stacy made it easy and comfortable.  This class was absolutely valuable and life changing!"

-Julie S.

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