Online Healthy Eating Cooking Class


Online viewing of a live cooking class at Einstein's Kitchen. You will able to view the class live and be able to ask questions live. Once you register you will be emailed the recipes and item list so you can participate right along with the class!

Thank you for being part of my dream! Making cooking simple and great!

ONLINE: Pressure Cooker Workshop!​
This class is so fantastic! You get all of the recipes, instruction and fun at your convenience. Once registered you will receive an email with all of the recipes and an invite to a secret group on Facebook to watch class. You will be able to ask questions online. The pressure cooker is one of my favorite tools in the kitchen, making cooking faster, more flavorful and fun!

Culinary Genius
A series of 6 classes that are two hours each of hands on instructional learning. I have condensed my culinary school education and picked the highlights of it in this amazing six week course!
Starting from the beginning and learning the fundamentals of how to hold a knife, sanitation, how to cook eggs, meat, pasta, rice, vegetables and our last night is a opportunity for you to show off your awesome skills to a guest and prepare food from a lottery draw and prove what a rock star you have become!
When you sign up for this class you get a knife, cutting board, recipes, apron...hands on small group experience!!!
Valued at $1000

Family Friendly Price


Next Sessions

 Thursdays 6-8 PM

Spring Schedule
1March 1
2March 8
3March 15
4March 22
5March 29
6April 5


Class Schedule

Lord of The Loin Live!  

Back by popular demand! This class will teach you all you need to know of how to get that perfect steak every time!
Valued at $400
Family friendly price =150


Cooking with My Hero
May 4th 11am-1pm
 11:00-1:00 PM

This class is great one to bring your 7 year old or younger child and create in the kitchen.  I will show you fun ways to learn to love to cook.  The mess stays here!
Valued at $100
Family friendly price =49

Customized classes
Group of 5+
One 2 hour customized session
Valued at $500
Family friendly price =400

Chef for a day
Grocery shopping with you/cook dinner for guests.
Valued at $1000

​​​Date Night

June 14th 6-9PM 

Share this night learning how to cook a fun, romantic dinner with each other.  No waiting in a crowded restaurant. Something new to celebrate together. Keeping it steamy in the kitchen!


Summer Kids Cooking Camp​

Ages 8-18

July 9-13th

A 5 day intensive course that will result in awesomeness in the kitchen that they will have fun while learning a life skill!   Specifically designed for those wanting to learn fundamentals, safety and confidence in the kitchen.  How great will it be for your kids to be empowered to cook a great meal for the family and get skills for the rest of their lives!


Valued at $400
Family Friendly Pricing= 299

Spice Class
Have you ever thought what spice goes with what meat?  How do I use fresh vs. dried spices?

Well I have a great workshop for you!  We will be creating our own spice concoctions and creating them together.  You will get to find what you like and know how to do it every time!

Limited Spots avail

May 11th 1-4PM


Meal Planning Workshop
Feb. 24th 1-4PM

This is great class for the organized and disorganized.  Let me guide to you a delicious plan for your and your lifestyle and assist in stocking your pantry to make cooking, planning and eating fun and simple again!
Valued at $300
Family friendly price =97

Bread Making Magic!

This three hour, hands on, intensive learning class will introduce you to the steps of making yeast breads, quick breads and shed some serious light on why things turn out and don't!

Valued at $300
Family friendly price =97

What's it like in Kids Cooking Camp?

Watch now!!!

Healthy Eating Workshop

January 6th 1-4PM

As the new year is fresh and we are detoxing from the holiday parties we need some zesty ideas for healthy eating.  In this hands on three hour intensive workshop you will learn how to make healthy meals that create the passion for your new regime that will make you successful in your healthy eating goals.

Valued at $300
Family friendly price =97

Thanksgiving workshop

November 10th, 2018 1-4 PM
This class is real fun one! Take all the stress out of Thanksgiving.  I will give you a timeline to a fantastic meal. Know how to make the perfect turkey, gravy and sides for that special day stress Free!
Valued at $300
Family friendly price =97

Audio Cd's:

Lord of The Loin-

How to make the perfect steak! A few stories on what not to do too! Personal experiences that have made me more confident in cooking meat.
Valued at $30

Your price=18

Lord of The Loin 2: Prince of Prime- More on meat cookery.  Save yourself time by learning from my mistakes and being more confident while choosing meat at the grocery store.
Valued at $30

Your price=18

Fat as a Feather

Life lessons learned through my 100 lb weight loss journey and what steps to take to learn to love you no matter what the scale says.

Pressure Cooker Workshop

April 27th 1-4PM

This workshop is a 3 hour hands on class that will "free" us busy cooks up from the monotony of the recipes we always use.  Let me revitalize your routine!  Come for some fresh ideas that will get you excited about cooking again!

Valued at $300

Family friendly price =97

Around the world  
A five lesson series of two hour classes that go on a journey into five different cultures and delicious cuisines that we can learn and experience and be confident in cooking yourself!  We will take the great parts of Italy, Greece, India, France and a vote on your last class of where we want to go next!  
Valued at $800

Family friendly price=597

Next Session Fall

Grad Night