"Learning from Stacy was a grand experience to be able to be part of.  I was entertained and I learned SO much at the same time!  Stacy is very patient and works with you every step of the way with out hindering the learning process.  I can't wait to come back again and again!  This is seriously something that CAN NOT be passed up!  I learned how to make delicious cookies and amazing sliders! I've never made delicious anything in my life until I came and took this class!  You will not regret doing this!  Be prepared for the funnest class you will ever take!"

-Chris Berg

Young Adult/Missionary Class

"I really liked the small class and getting to try things I've never done- like making pasta!  It makes me more confident in trying other new things in the kitchen!"

-Leslie W.

Date Night class

"I highly recommend this class.  We had a fun time learning how to make crepes and rack of lamb.  Stacy is so fun and patient as we prepare food with our lack of knowledge.  We learned how to do basic things while we cooked delicious food!"

-Cynthia R.

Easter Workshop

Watch Chelsea share her experience...

"Soooo much fun!!! Loved the hands on.  Wonderful tips.  Can't wait to go home and try flipping an egg!"

-Lisa T.

Easter Workshop

"I came to Stacy's Lord of The Loin class and it was amazing!  As a guy that likes to eat meat with every meal I came to learn things that would improve the ways I cooked meat.  Not only did I learn ways to cook meat, I also learned how to pick meat you want to cook.  I also loved trying all the different steaks.  My favorite was the T-Bone.  The knowledge I gained will be used for a long time to come!  Thanks Stacy!"

-Brooke P.

Seasonal Workshop

"Thank you so much for such a fun night!  I enjoy cooking, but am so busy, and it was so great to get so many ideas to start cooking more!  I had so much fun and look forward to learning more!"

-Aimee S.

Girls night out class (Customized)

"Stacy does a fantastic job creating a fun and enjoyable environment to learn in.  Her expertise is evident in the quality of the food she guides her students in cooking. My wife and I both felt the cost is much better spent on a date night at one of her classes than just about anything else.  Even if you don't enjoy cooking, you will ENJOY her classes!"

-McKay Crookston

Date Night Class